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Selasa, 22 November 2011

FREE DOWNLOAD n-Track Studio Publisher's Description

n-Track Studio Publisher's Description
Multitrack recording and editing software with support for realtime effects

download n-Track Studio 6.1.2 Build 2851


n-Track Studio is an audio & MIDI multitrack recorder that turns your computer into a full-fledged recording studio. You can record and playback a virtually unlimited number of audio and MIDI tracks. The program supports imultaneous recording from multiple 16 and 24 bit soundcards, and real-time audio effects can be applied non-destructively to each track. Built-in effects include Reverb, Multiband Compression, Chorus, Delay, Pitch Shift, Graphic and Parametric EQ & spectrum analyzer.
The program can use third party DirectX and VST plug-ins to process in real-time audio signals. Effect can also be used to process the recorded signal in real-time so that the computer can act as a multi-effects device.

MIDI tracks can be imported end exported to regular MIDI files, and edited using the built in piano-roll based MIDI editing window. The program supports VSTi and DXi instruments plug-ins for sample accurate software MIDI playback.

All the audio tracks are saved as standard wave files and mixed "on the fly" during playback.
Volume and pan evolution can be programmed by drawing on the timeline window.

When all the tracks have been recorded and all the settings are correct you can mix-down the final song to CD or create, using the built-in mp3 encoder, an mp3 version to distribute through the Internet.


Recording & mixing:

- Records and plays back a virtually unlimited number of audio and MIDI tracks
- VST, VST3, DirectX and ReWire effects can be added to each channel/track
- Volume, pan, aux sends & returns and effects parameters can be automated: you can "program" fade-in/outs, cross fades, boost the volume of a track when there is a solo etc.
- Live input processing input processing allows to process with plug-ins live signals. Record the 'dry' (unprocessed) signal while processing and reprocess the recording later - i.e. play a guitar through a distortion plug-in then change the distortion after the recording

Soundcards & audio interfaces:

- Supports 16 and 24 bit single and multichannel soundcards at sampling frequencies up to 192 Khz
- Compatible with Asio, WaveRT, WDM, DirectSound and MME audio drivers, which means that n-Track can work with almost any soundcard available today with the lowest possible latency
- Multichannel soundcards or more than one soundcard are supported: you can record multiple tracks at a time and output to more than one stereo output. Each output channels has its own master channel effects and volume control


- Built-in effects include Reverb, Compression, Parametric & Graphic EQ, Echo, Auto-volume, Pitch Shift, Chorus, Multiband Compression, Spectrum analyzer

- Includes the n-Track Drums drum synth/step sequencer module

- Supports third party DirectX, VST 2.x, VST 3 and ReWire plug-ins

- Supports third party DirectX, VST 2.x, VST 3 and ReWire plug-ins

- Supports VST Instruments and DirectX Instruments synth plug-ins: sample-       accurate MIDI tracks can be sent to VSTi/DXi software MIDI synths, without the need of expensive hardware MIDI synths

- Supports ReWire logotechnology by Propellerhead Software AB: signals from other programs (such as Reason, Ableton Live, Fruityloops and many others) can be mixed in realtime with n-Track's own channels
Supported formats:

- Imports and exports .wav, .mp3, .wma, .mid, .ogg, .flac, .aiff, .cda, .sng, .sgw audio files

- Imports and exports EDL multitrack song files for exchanging songs with other multitrack programs

- Sync to other programs or external devices using SMPTE/MTC or MIDI Clock sync, acting either as master or slave

- Supports surround mixing for creating DVD audio projects using 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1 channels surround formats

- Videos (AVI, MPEG) can be played in sync with the song in a dedicated video playback window

- Once finished recording the whole song, you can mixdown all the tracks into a single wav file and to use it to record an audio CD track using a CD recorder or to distribute the song via internet using the built-in mp3 encoder

n-Track Studio Version History

ProductDate Added
n-Track Studio 6.1.2 Build 2851November 21, 2011, 14:52 GMT
n-Track Studio 6.1.2 Build 2834October 28, 2011
n-Track Studio 6.1.2 Build 2833October 24, 2011
n-Track Studio 6.1.2 Build 2830September 21, 2011
n-Track Studio 6.1.2 Build 2827September 6, 2011
n-Track Studio 6.1.2 Build 2816August 24, 2011
n-Track Studio 6.1.2 Build 2812July 26, 2011
n-Track Studio 6.1.2 Build 2811July 25, 2011
n-Track Studio 6.1.2 Build 2806 Beta / 6.1.1 Build 2693July 20, 2011
n-Track Studio 6.1.2 Build 2801 Beta / 6.1.1 Build 2693July 15, 2011
n-Track Studio 6.1.2 Build 2796 Beta / 6.1.1 Build 2693July 7, 2011
n-Track Studio 6.1.2 Build 2880 Beta / 6.1.1 Build 2693July 1, 2011
n-Track Studio 6.1.2 Build 2743 Beta / 6.1.1 Build 2693June 16, 2011
n-Track Studio 6.1.2 Build 2743 Beta / 6.1.1 Build 2692May 24, 2011
n-Track Studio 6.1.2 Build 2735 Beta / 6.1.1 Build 2692May 9, 2011
n-Track Studio 6.1.2 Build 2729 Beta / 6.1.1 Build 2692April 28, 2011
n-Track Studio 6.1.2 Build 2725 Beta / 6.1.1 Build 2692April 13, 2011
n-Track Studio 6.1.2 Build 2721 Beta / 6.1.1 Build 2692April 7, 2011
n-Track Studio 6.1.2 Build 2715 Beta / 6.1.1 Build 2692April 1, 2011
n-Track Studio 6.1.1 Build 2692March 11, 2011
n-Track Studio 6.1.1 Build 2691March 7, 2011
n-Track Studio 6.1.1 Build 2690February 16, 2011
n-Track Studio 6.1.1 Build 2689February 8, 2011
n-Track Studio 6.1.1 Build 2686January 28, 2011
n-Track Studio 6.1.1 Build 2685January 24, 2011

download n-Track Studio 6.1.2 Build 2851space        space
buy n-Track Studio 6.1.2 Build 2851

Download n-Track Studio 6.1.2 Build 2851

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Buy n-Track Studio


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